Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pity you.. N Pity me too

"mimi.. breathe... as deep as u can.."
my tears won't stop from flowing down my cheek.
she's not usually like that..
we used to spend quality time together lying on the bed n catch up on each other's stories..
that what sisters always do right when they meet..
here's the thing..
she's changed..
we had a fight.. no details here.. but it IS a WAR..
for once.. i think i hate her..
how could she do n say something like that to me..
i'm sure u readers don't get what i'm trying to say here..
all i want to say is i think i had just lost a sister..


  1. aku tahu perasaan itu!
    be strong mimi.
    everything will be okay.

  2. hmmm.. what she said to you o?
    relax ar..
    she's ur sister afterall..

  3. yup.no matter how far she had throw u away.shd will always be ur sister.n as a sister.ego mereke lgy tngi n they will not saying i love u pown.tp dlm ati die sgt bruntg ad adeq mcm tue.blieve me.be strong adeq.