Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Bday IBU!

yesterday was my ibu's birthday.. me n my sis bought her a set of bed sheet. it is purple in colour.. unfortunately,it is not the same size of my ibu's bed.. we bought the queen size one. LoL. ibu's bed is king size. so my sis had to go back to Isetan and change it.
luckily, she still had the receipt. That night, we had dinner in famous thai restaurant. it's not that famous. dont get me wrong. famous thai is the name of the restaurant.


  1. haha.. nain kali check dulu.. :)
    wish her belated hp bday aite?

  2. nik: okaiii . tq

    toit : lah name ape ni

    yi xiang : tq

  3. nik : x la bsar mane. aha

    toit : name x de makne kan..