Sunday, January 24, 2010

The way i loved you.

Everything's cool,
It's all gonna be okay,
And I know maybe I'll leave and laugh about it someday
But not today
Cause I don't feel so good,I'm tangled up inside
My heart is on my sleeve
Tomorrow is a mystery to me
And it might be wonderful or it might be magical
It might be everything I've waited for,
A miracle
but even if I fall in love again with someone else
It could never be the way I loved you
Letting you go is making me feel so cold,
And I've been trying to make believe it doesn't hurt
But that makes it worse,
See, I'm a wreck inside my tongue is tied and my whole body feels so weak
The future may be all I really need.

dedicated to: f.b.i.


  1. thankz syg...abg xkn tglkn syg ea...kte dh ok kn..luv u sayang

  2. dedicated to f.b.i??
    faizal ismail hot fm ke??